Everything you need to know about Space Masks

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Both as a girl boss or as a career girl you are probably spending a significant amount of time in front of a screen or in a badly lit room. You know what we are talking about, right? Well, we cannot help you with that other than by suggesting to change jobs or stop using so many electronic devices. Who are we kidding? That is never going to happen as tech rocks! However, we do have a solution for any potential headaches – space masks.

What are space masks?

Space masks are a form of eye masks and they are very similar to the one you might or might not wear at night while you are sleeping. However, they are not necessarily meant to be worn during sleep. In fact, that is probably the least useful place to wear them.

You just need to place the mask over your eyes, sit back and relax for 15-20 minute and leave the mask perform its magic. That is all.

How do space masks work?

The masks have an inner pocket filled with iron dust that is positioned over each eyelid. Scary stuff, no? Nothing to be worried about though. This dust heats up once it comes into contact with oxygen and the heat helps alleviate your eye pain as well as headaches produced by eye strain. Like we said, super simple. Honestly, there is nothing more to it, but they do work wonders and can help you transform a crappy day into an amazing one.

Are space masks reusable?

Sadly, space masks are not reusable. Okay, you might be able to use them at night, but they won’t perform any of their usual magic after the first time you took them out of their pouch. Yes, that is right. Each mask is individually wrapped.

Once the mask begins to cool off, there is no reheating it.

Where can you buy space masks?

Space masks can be purchased in many different places actually. You can either buy them from the original maker’s website or, if you are in the UK, you can purchase them from Selfridges or Liberty.

However, we know that the original space masks, despite being super cute, can be a bit pricey if you need to use them often/ For that reason we also recommend these ones that you can purchase from Boots in the UK. They might not look as pretty, but they are pretty good. However, from what we have tested, they do not heat up as much as the original ones do.

Personally, we love these masks and they are a great addition to our desk drawer. These pretty little things help us continue to work and make our lives easier. Of course, for maintaining eye health we do recommend taking often breaks and even starring into space to relax the eye, but we understand that is not often possible. If you are like us and cannot stay away from a screen, then these beauties are for you.

What other tips do you have for dealing with headaches caused by eye strain?

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