8 places where you can find blog post ideas

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If you are running a blog, then you know that at times finding the right idea to write about is no easy task. That is completely fine; inspiration strikes when it strikes. However, there is no reason to worry as we have a list of 8 places where you can find all the blog post ideas you could possibly need.

Search engines

This one is pretty obvious, but search engines are some of the best places where you can find new ideas to write about on your blog.

You can use the search function to actually look for lists of ideas that others have shared. This one is pretty obvious. However, an even better way to use search engines to help you generate blog post ideas is by using the automatic fill in function. This way, the search engines recommend questions that many people have asked and thus it is something that people are most likely to want to read. Think about the possibilities to provide solutions to sought after questions and drive traffic to your website.

Not only you can use search engines to look for blog post ideas or see what the engine recommends, but you can also have a look at the related searches (often found at the bottom of the page) and see whether you can find a blog post idea that you could write about and is relevant for your brand.


We may often use Youtube as a way to find cute cat videos or even watch a tutorial or two, but Youtube is actually a very powerful search engine. Therefore, you can easily use Youtube as a way to find blog post ideas in the same way as you would use any other search engine. Have a look at what other people are searching for based on the automatic fill in suggestions and see whether you can find something you can provide insight on.


Pinterest is one of the best places where you can find blog post ideas and an absolute favourite of ours. On Pinterest you can find hundreds, if not thousands of lists and articles pinned that are full of blog post ideas. You can also use Pinterest to see what others have been searching for.

The reason why we love this platform so much for finding blog post ideas is due to the fact that its audience and content is predominately female and as such, the ideas you find are also targeting a female audience. So if you are running a lifestyle blog or a blog that has a female target audience then this is perhaps the best place to look for ideas.


Another great place where you can find blog post ideas is Reddit. Reddit is huge and as such it can seem daunting at first, but a good way to find ideas is to look for the subreddits that are relevant to the things you want to write about, the topics that are relevant to your brand. Once you have accessed the subreddits you can see what people are interested in and use that information to generate new blog posts.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an amazing website where you can see what topics are trending in various geographic regions. This is great as you can write about things that are relevant to your target audience and most importantly, you can do so at the right time. Take advantage of the momentum.

Not only you can see what topics are trending using Google Trends, but you can also search for things you are interested in and see their volume of search over time. This can help you generate an amazing editorial calendar and schedule posts based on the popularity of a topic in a given time period. Furthermore, the platform also shows you suggested topics and other things you might find relevant, so even though you might have an idea what you want to write about, you can find something that is related and has the chance to perform better and as such drive more traffic.

Answer the Public

Another favourite tool of ours is Answer the Public. Answer the Public is a free keyword and content research tool that shows you what people are asking themselves/searching for. While you might need to have at least a topic in mind when using this tool, Answer the Public gives you a visual representation of all the things that people have searched related to the topic. Therefore, this tool can help you identify exactly which questions to answer in your blog posts.

Reader questions

If you have a significant amount of traffic or at least engagement on your website, then you are incredibly lucky. Reader comments are the best place where you can find blog post ideas relevant to your brand. Plus, by answering their questions you are even more likely to bring those people back to your site.


Your life offline is actually an amazing source of inspiration. Look around you, talk to people and take notes, take lots of notes!

We hope you found this listicle useful and that you learnt about some new tools that can help you create amazing content for your blog, regardless of your niche. These are the tools we use the most, so it is not a comprehensive list, but do let us know which tools you are using that deserve a place on our list. Also, if you  want to know more about any of these tools and about how we use them to create our own content, let us know in a comment below and we will share with you a step by step tutorial.


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