Resolutions every successful woman should set herself in 2019

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With Christmas out of the way and with the new year just around the corner, what better time to take some time for yourself and reflect on your life and what you wish to accomplish moving forward?

Here are some ideas of goals or resolutions every successful woman should set herself this upcoming year.


Collaborate, do not compete

As women, we are often raised to compete with each other rather than collaborate. Let’s make sure that this changes in 2019 as there is significantly more to gain from collaboration than from competition. If men can fight and then go to their local bar and become friends over drinks, why can’t women raise above these unwritten rules that society imposed upon them?

Let’s make it our goal for 2019 to stand together and raise eachother rather than try to put each other down.


Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is not selfish, no matter how many try to convince you otherwise. Your well being and your mental health matter as well. Take some time off to meditate, to take a long walk or even to schedule yourself a pampering session at your local spa. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed and happy for a change. This does not mean you do not care about your family or about your friends. What are you waiting for? Let go of the guilt and spend a bit more time taking care of yourself.


Set yourself a savings goal

Regardless of whether you are trying to pay off debt or simply get yourself something nice, try to set aside some money every month in 2019. Set yourself a savings goal and work towards it. This has more to do with discipline than the goal itself, but once you get used to it, it can make a huge difference in your life.


Find your “WHY”

Stop focusing so much on the ‘what’ and start focusing on the ‘why’.

Beyond the things that you do every day, there needs to be a purpose. You cannot spend your entire life just passing through. Well you can, but if you are here, we sincerely hope you do not want to. So in order to turn you life around and make it more meaningful,  you need to focus on finding that purpose.

You cannot turn your life around until you find that purpose and you cannot make people believe in you and truly support you until you do either. Just like in business, people buy into the why rather than the what. Apply this principle to your own life and it will never be the same again.

A job will no longer be just a job. A day will be more than just 24 hours of your existence, it will have more meaning and that in turn will make you feel amazing. Try it!


Show up for yourself

Is there something you have always wanted to achieve? Then show up for yourself. Let go of the fear and take the plunge, but it all starts with a single step – showing up.


Invest in your personal space

When people come over, they often wonder why we are taking the time to organise and decorate our personal space if we do not even own the place. The answer is quite simple. An organised space and one that makes us feel comfortable has a huge positive impact on our wellbeing and it promotes creativity. You should it try it sometimes!

Also, making an investment, no matter how small, helps you live in the present and appreciate where you are in your life. It shows and feels like you are no longer with a foot out the door and ready to bolt, but rather ready to stay and figure things out. We truly recommend making this small adjustment to your life.


Of course there are many other goals or resolutions you can set for yourself. There are always the classics such as “read more”, “learn a new skill” or perhaps the new favourite “go offline”. At the end of the day, the exact resolutions you choose do not matter as much as the fact that you are taking the time to focus on improving your life. Do let us know what you have planed for 2019! 


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Resolutions every successful woman should set herself in 2019

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