5 changes you can make to improve your life

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If someone told you that New Year’s is the only time you can adopt new resolutions and get started on improving your life, then they were lying. We hope that you did not believe them.

Everyday is a good day to get started on adopting new habits and making changes to your life.

If you are worried that you don’t have time to make changes or you don’t know how, you shouldn’t be. Not all changes require the same level of effort or time. All you need in order to change your life is a goal, a good strategy and a commitment to your purpose.

So what are you waiting for? Go get started on living your best life.

However, if you need some inspiration on the type of changes you can make to your own life, then you can find 5 examples of changes below.


Add some structure to your life

If the idea of introducing some rituals to your life scares you, then you are in the same boat as we were months ago. However, we found out that it shouldn’t. .

Think about all the things that disrupt your flow and make a list. The list can include things such as ‘doing laundry, ‘ ‘go grocery shopping’ or something else entirely. These are just some of the things we find inconvenient. They are things we know that we just have to do, but they could be something completely different for you. The idea is that you should schedule a day and time every single week to do all the things that get in your way.

By scheduling things in advance, you add some structure to your life. However, you also make sure that the things that need to be done, get done on time. This will stop you from leaving those things you really need to do until the last minute. For one of us, it was laundry. Just think about how bad it is to have an important meeting to get you just to discover that you ran out of clean clothes or forgot to pick up your laundry from the cleaner’s.

You can avoid being in this situation ever again.


Stop postponing things

Also related to the above point, when something comes up, deal with it head on. Stop postponing the things you need to do. This applies to all aspects of your life. However, here we are mostly referring to those events that are mostly unpredictable.

Choosing to postpone something only leads to the adoption of bad habits and increases your levels of procrastination in the long run.


Round up your change

This might be a weird one, but if you cannot seem to be able to add anything to your savings then it might be a good idea to start rounding up your change. You can do this using some of the features your bank puts at your disposal (depends on your bank) or you can use an app to do this for you.

Trust us, you won’t even notice that some extra cash is going our of your account. However, you will definitely notice that your savings account balance is increasing.

Typically, we save around 40-50 ($/£/€) per week alone. The amount saved can be even higher depending on the number of transactions and whether you choose to double or triple the amount that gets put away.


Start choosing your outfit the night before

Remember how easy it was when we were still in school and had to wear a uniform? We are not suggesting you do that, as wearing the same thing over and over again can be boring. But, what we are suggesting is that you pick out the clothes you are going to wear the next day the night before.

This sounds such a silly thing and it might make you think of when you were a kid, but it works. Choosing your outfit beforehand works every single time. It saves you so much time in the morning and takes away so much stress.

We can all do with less stress in the mornings.


Find a reason to laugh every single day

Find a reason to laugh every single day. You probably know this already, but a reminder never hurt anyone – laughter can help reduce the amount of stress you are feeling. Need we say more?

It does not matter what is causing you to laugh, may it be a funny video or movie, a book or even a joke. As long as you are not laughing at someone else’s expense it is all good.


As always, this is not a comprehensive list of all the changes you could be making to improve your life. We just wanted to point out that changes can take many shapes and forms and not all of them are difficult to implement. Some changes are as easy as 1-2-3, however the effect they can have on your life will undoubtedly be more significant.


What changes are you thinking of adopting?



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5 changes you can make to improve your life

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