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The Glossy Go Getter is an online magazine dedicated to all the women who who dare to dream and are willing to fight to turn those dreams into reality.

This magazine is the product of an insane amount of research, strategy and sleepless nights that finally turned into something more than a simple idea when Ioana, our founder, entered a master programme to study Entrepreneurship at one of London’s most prestigious universities.

Fast-forward several years, we are now a team of five young and ambitious women who are ready to help go-getters turn their dreams into a reality.

Life is too short to settle for less than what we deserve, but it is not always easy to get started. That is why we are here.

We aim to help you overcome your fears using the same methods and strategies we used to do so, as well as help you grow and succeed no matter if you decide to embark on a career or take a more entrepreneurial route.

We look forward to welcoming you into our world and we are sure we can achieve great things together.

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Our Mission

 Our mission is to help women regardless of background or circumstances in life grow and become sucessful entrepreneurs or career women through the knowledge and stories we share. 

It’s a Lifestyle

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