Spice up your relationship with these 37 flirty questions to ask him when you want to get closer and build a stronger romantic connection.

Whether it’s for the first time or after years together, these questions will help you explore each other’s deepest desires, fantasy worlds, and secret longings. From getting creative with role-playing to introducing props and toys into the mix, these ideas are sure to ignite passion between you both and bring you even closer together in the bedroom.

Dive in and enjoy discovering just how far your love can take you!

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  1. How far are you willing to go in experimentation?
  2. Do you have any secret fantasies you want to explore?
  3. Who do you fantasize about when we’re together?
  4. Do you consider yourself adventurous when it comes to sex?
  5. Have you ever tried role-playing during sex and if so, what did it do for your experience?
  6. What do you think is the most interesting thing about yourself when it comes to sex and relationships?
  7. If I asked you out on a romantic trip, what would be the first thing that crossed your mind?
  8. If we could create a sexual fantasy together, what kind of things would be included in it?
  9. Do new ideas or scenarios excite or scare you in the bedroom?
  10. Would getting tied up or spanked intrigue or frighten you during our time together?
  11. When was the last time something aroused or excited all of your senses at once during sex with me?
  12. Is there something specific I could do differently next time that will spice up our lovemaking session even more?
  13. Where is one place on my body that drives you crazy when touched in a certain way and why does it do this for you?
  14. Are there any props or toys that can enhance our level of pleasure together even further than before if used correctly? 
  15. What’s something sexy or naughty I could whisper into your ear while making love that would really turn you on?
  16. Are there any tricks I can learn from porn movies (or magazines) which I can use as inspiration in bed?
  17. What type of physical contact gets your heart racing and why does it have such an effect on you?
  18. How often would like us to switch up our routine and explore each other’s bodies differently altogether?
  19. Do certain conversations about fantasies ignite a special spark within us both during foreplay?
  20. Would learning different massage techniques make our connection even more intimate than before?
  21. Is there anything specific I can do with my lips on yours that makes your passion soar higher?
  22. Could letting go be beneficial for us both by allowing each other freedom to express ourselves sexually?
  23. If we were able to take things up a notch, what kind of surprises have thought up for us both already?
  24. Does exploring each other deeply through eye contact cause a deeper level of connection between us both than other means of communication typically used within the bedroom?
  25. Could introducing food items into the mix give an added edge along with increasing intimacy between us two?
  26. Are there any visual elements like candlelight along with slow music which help set up an ideal atmosphere for us?
  27. What do you think of when you imagine us making love?
  28. If we had the chance to go on a romantic getaway, what location and activities come to mind first for us?
  29. Are there any techniques or positions that you’d like to try out but have been too scared to ask about until now?
  30. Could introducing elements from other forms of art (music, (body) painting, dance) enhance your enjoyment in the bedroom even further?
  31. Do certain types of lingerie bring out your wilder side and if so, which are your favorites?
  32. Is there an unexpected physical sensation I can give you that would take you over the edge?
  33. What activities have we done in the bedroom that you’ve particularly enjoyed and why?
  34. Could introducing elements of surprise into our lovemaking increase our level of intimacy even further?
  35. Do certain words, phrases, or compliments make you particularly aroused when I say them to you?
  36. Are there any props or toys that you would be curious about incorporating into our bedroom activities?
  37. Could making up a fantasy story together while in the moment increase our level of connection even further?

The above are just some examples of questions or in some instances prompts that can lead to you formulating your own questions for your significant other that can help spice up your love life.

Crafting your own questions to bring more fun and excitement into your love life can be an incredibly rewarding process. By taking the time to ask meaningful, thoughtful questions of your significant other, you can create an even deeper level of connection between the two of you. It may take some trial and error, but when you find what works for both of you, it can bring a whole new level of pleasure and satisfaction. From discussing fantasies to discovering new turn-on words or props, creating conversations that nurture your bond is sure to give your relationship an extra spark!

Although it may feel uncomfortable to ask certain questions, don’t be afraid to explore your partner’s interests and fantasies. Even if the answer isn’t something you are willing to do, you can still find enjoyment in engaging with each other imaginatively and discussing them until the details no longer matter. You’ll be surprised at how much pleasure can come from conversations that keep your relationship exciting and passionate!

By having these conversations, you’ll be able to keep your relationship alive and interesting. Not only will it give both of you a chance to try new things and explore each other even further, but it’s an amazing way to keep the fire burning in your romantic lives! So don’t be afraid to bring up some of the topics mentioned above and get creative. You never know what kind of surprises it could lead to! Good luck and have fun!

Which question are you up to asking?

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